Gold Paydirt from R & R Paydirt


R & R Paydirt is produced by gold miners for gold miners. We find high grade gold-bearing dirt and screen it down to remove the larger rocks and then package it up. And, to back-up our gold guarantee, we add genuine placer gold to every bag. We are constantly on the lookout for good high grade material, so our dirt can vary from having some clay to being sandy, but its all good dirt!

Make certain to pan this material in a tub so you don't loose anything, and pan it all at least twice. There is plenty of black sand in this paydirt and panning through it all takes time and skill. If you're new to panning this is great practice before you get out to the creek. If you're an old pro this will keep you in tune during the off season. Panning for gold is a great activity and when you can't get to the dirt, bring the dirt to you!

We've been gold miners for a long time and have been selling our paydirt for over seven years and have many happy customers. If you prefer to pay with PayPal check out our paydirt selection on eBay where we recently began selling.